#001: What is Flutter Crafter?

by yasinarik

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Yasin Arık
·Nov 20, 2021·

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#001: What is Flutter Crafter?


Welcome to Flutter Crafter!

This is Yasin Arık. I am a mechanical engineer, an entrepreneur (for more than 4 years), and of course, a full-stack software developer currently focused on our lovely Flutter❤️.

I think, now I have enough experience to finally start a blog and give the knowledge I've been getting for many years back to the community. That is how recycling is done ♻️.

(Ehm... Not gonna lie, I also want to show my skills off, that is how business is done these days. 💻☺️)

So here I am and there you are. I simply named this blog "Flutter Crafter" and I want to include my way of crafting advanced code & architecture.

If some of the below topics can catch your interest, then I strongly suggest adding www.yasinarik.com to your favorite sites:

  • Authentication & authorization using Auth0 as the centralized provider,
  • Flutter's navigation and building a custom navigation system from scratch,
  • Working with GraphQL (especially with Hasura GQL Engine),
  • Animations, staggered animations, lots of staggered animations,
  • Highly customizable form input fields (like a real-world app),
  • Relational database modeling,
  • Reactive programing using Provider & GetX state management systems,
  • Building a DataGrid that can use any widget as a cell, renders efficiently and fast, enables resizing columns and rows, swapping, hiding, and locking columns, multi-filtering, and sorting data, etc.,
  • "if, else, for... then it gets complicated again..." Solving complex problems with efficient and wisely refactored algorithms,
  • How to use Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. to develop a design system for your apps,

The list goes on. I am planning to start with shorter and intermediate-level topics. According to your feedbacks -I hope to be viewed and get feedback-, I will move on to more advanced topics as listed above.

And as always, here are some links that you can reach out to me for to say 'hi', questions, feedback, job opportunities, etc.: